colum_aI came to Cold Collar because I had heard your resume writing expertise was pretty unique ... Within 3 weeks of getting the final copy, I had already landed the job we were gearing the resume towards! colum-b

Joshua: Marketing and Sales Manager

Attract the Right Employers With a Stand-Out Resume That Sells Who You Are, Not Just What You Do


75% of resumes are immediately screened out, without ever getting a second look. If your resume is not perfectly tailored to you and the job you are seeking, it will likely end up right in the trash. We will help you:

  • Land interviews despite your lack of experience or education, by showing employers how your unique gifts make you the perfect candidate the job.
  • Engage employers and recruiters with a resume that reads like a story, not a lifeless fact sheet that will inevitably end up in the garbage.
  • Learn how to use your Resume effectively, so you will have the best possible chance at landing the interviews that lead to job offers.

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colum_a “After a long and extensive search on finding a resume service, I decided to move forward with Cold Collar … You helped form the best resume I could have asked for … your personal, hands on approach helped me discover my hidden talents” colum-b

Taylor: Media, Marketing & Communications

Get In Front of Recruiters With a Magnetic LinkedIn Profile, Optimized to Be Easily Found On LinkedIn and Google


93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates every single day. If your LinkedIn profile isn’t well written for recruiters, and optimized for online search, you are probably missing out on all kinds of job opportunities.

  • Get discovered and generate job leads on LinkedIn with a powerful profile that sways recruiters to take action and contact you right away
  • Stand out, even in large applicant pools because we’ll use commanding headlines, optimized descriptions, and engaging profile content as a marketing tool for you.
  • Attract serious employers and recruiters who will take you more seriously because your profile will be an asset to you, not an embarrassment.

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21 Greg

colum_a You helped me prioritize and re-focus in my whole job search process which directly led to a $40,000 increase in salary, and an awesome new job that will change my life forever! If asked to do it again, I would have gladly paid 10x what I paid for your help.  colum-b

Nic: Banking Service Manger

Our Clients Consistently Land Amazing Jobs … Even Jobs They Would Have Never Bothered to Try For


Our proven, personal approach, turns your job experiences into specific, provable, accomplishments, accolades, benefits and successes that hiring managers really want to see and distinguishes you from your competition.

We’ll uncover all the things that really set you apart, you’ll likely get a newfound excitement in your job search, because there is far more opportunity for you than you realize.

Our unique Resume and LinkedIn process will also help you overcome your fears, gain confidence in yourself, and ultimately gain the necessary edge in a competitive market, get you interviews, and help you land an amazing job.

colum_a I was able to land a job outside of my current field and learn new trades that I will use for my future! I’m so thankful for Cold Collar helping me pursue my dreams in ways I never thought possible. colum-b

– Tony: Life Insurance Rep, Non-Profit Aspirant

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